Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My new duties

Sorry about the lapse in posts. The internet has been down since last week. It goes down every time we have a thunderstorm, and so far, we've had a thunderstorm every night.

Our roles, which were somewhat up in the air at first ("just serve wherever you're most needed") have been more defined, although every day there is some new drama that arises and changes things up. Today's is that there is an abandoned hydrocephalus baby at the hospital that we are going to rescue. Hospitals don't feed people here (your relatives must take care of that for you), so until the baby gets released to the creche, we are organizing shifts of people to feed and change it. People said Haiti is unpredictable, and they were right.

Anyway, I had thought I might be assigned to work in a Christian school, and I will actually be the teacher for the older children at the creche. It is literally a one-room schoolhouse, with 15 children from age 4-12, at all different grade levels. I will be the only teacher, though Kate and Leann may assist in some ways (we haven't officially worked that out yet).

My one-room schoolhouse
When I heard that this was what I was going to do, I marveled. "Lord," I said, "What in the world? You must have looked everywhere on earth for the most challenging teaching opportunity that you could possibly give an uncertified teacher--and I am going to love it!" I was also slightly terrified. How could this ever work? But if a 15-year-old pioneer girl could do it on the prairie, then surely God can give me the strength and the grace and the resources to do it.

Yesterday I went to the creche yesterday for the first time and saw my new work. I met the kids and their current teacher, James, a Haitian who is going to the USA for 10 months to serve with His Little Feet. I saw the classroom and took a few pictures.


  1. “I have rightfully no other business each day but to do God's work as a servant, constantly regarding His pleasure. May I have grace to live above every human motive, simply with God and to God.”
    ― Henry Martyn

    This is one of our favorite quotes. We are praying for you and your team.
    Karen and Sarah

    1. Hi Karen! I LOVE reading Henry Martyn! I'm in the middle of his biography right now. Amazing man. Thank you for sharing this quote. SO true!

  2. Dear Rebekah,
    I have been keeping you in prayer lately...may He fully work through you to will and do His good pleasure. It is so sweet to see you seeking to be His hands and feet, dear sister! May He strengthen you daily to do what He has set before you...
    Looking to Him,

    1. Thank you, Melanie, for your faithfulness and outpouring of strength in upholding me in prayer. Significant victories have been happening in my spiritual life. Praise God!

  3. So good to hear from you. How perfect for you to teach! I will be keeping you in my prayers. Your mother and Monica have been helping with Mom this week, I am so thankful.
    Love you,

    1. Jill, thank you so much for visiting and reading and commenting! It means so much to know that you care and pray and take an interest in what God is doing over here. Glad to hear Monica and Mom have been helping with your mom. Hope that goes well!

  4. Hey Beka Boo,
    I must admit I am chuckling to myself because this seems to be JUST the right fit for you!!! God knows you work best under pressure and I see in this assignment His marvelous sense of humor (not to mention wisdom, etc.). On top of that, it is so thrilling to see His great love for those the world would consider the least (1 Co 1:25-31) by putting with them the finest teacher I know and the one who, with His enabling, can not only teach academics but impart to them the love of God, a vision for their future, and an excitement and anticipation for each new day at school. I am praying that God will raise up mighty men and women of faith who will not just be pinpoints of light in that dark land, but lightning bolts driving back the forces of darkness and the powers of hell. Please be encouraged from day to day, knowing that many Aarons and Hurs are holding up your arms and that "underneath are the everlasting arms." Love you gobs! xxx ooo

    1. My dear motherling,
      Haha... ISN'T it perfect, though? I totally agree that it is an amazing fit for me. I haven't officially started, but I spent every day this week at the creche, and I am starting to get to know the kids. Already my mind is brimming with ideas of what good things I can do with them! :-)


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