Monday, September 17, 2012

He knows about the little things

Little details God took care of today so that I didn't get left in the lurch:

  • A box of stuff I'm taking to a friend in Haiti arrived in the mail today, just in time for me to pack it in my stuff.
  • A generous support check came in the mail today, allowing me time to deposit it before flying out.
  • A replacement debit card arrived in the mail today, because mine was expired, which I didn't realize. I was depending on being able to use my debit card in Haiti. If it had arrived tomorrow, there would have been no way for me to get it.
  • I got to the airport late--quite late--less than 30 minutes before my scheduled departure time--but I still made it on the plane.
  • My bags got magically checked through all the way to Port-au-Prince, which shocked the lady at the counter, who had just finished explaining to me that I would have to pick them up from baggage claim in Charlotte, take them back to the hotel with me, and re-check them in (for an additional fee) the next morning when my flight departs. "They NEVER check the bags through when you have an overnight layover!" she exclaimed. "Much less when you're switching airlines!" But God knew that I was dreading the long walks down airport concourses on my sprained knee, and lugging two 51-pound bags around with me on top of that just would not have been happy. 
  • Speaking of 51-pound bags, the lady at the check-in counter never even acted like she noticed that they were over the limit, sparing me a) hefty overweight baggage fees or b) painful unpacking and repacking to delete some of my suitcase's contents (which, being already late, would not have been pretty). 
  • At the security checkpoint, I accidentally left in the bin my luggage claim tickets and all my boarding passes for every flight except my first leg. I proceeded to my gate without discovering my loss. Then I realized what I had done. I went back and the (very friendly) TSA guys hunted down every single bin until they found my paperwork. It was still there! Despite this unexpected delay, I still made it onto the plane!
  • When my heart sank at landing at the most extreme distant point that a plane could land and still be at the airport, there was one of those nice trolley thingies waiting right there, and it picked me up and got me where I needed to go without me needing to walk. 
  • Aaaaaand... I got to the hotel and my room is decorated in orange. :-D


  1. Whoa...seriously Your luggage claim tickets and all your boarding passes? You got lucky girl. haha


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