Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Club Indigo

They say this is THE nicest place in Haiti, and I believe it! 

The view from my bedroom window

The dining area

Place settings in the dining room

Salad bar

Fruit and vegetable display

Fresh grilled fish

Chocolate mousse desserts

Artistic tomato rose garnish on the rice

Decorations on the buffet table

A yummy avocado dish

My plate

My dessert

View from the apartments

Well-groomed lawns

Permanent residents' housing

The beach

The bar where we can get coffee drinks, ice cream, milkshakes, etc.

The pool area--look at how we have it all to ourselves!

Hotel rooms for short-term guests

Internet access area where I'm sitting right now

Lily pond


  1. Okay, now I'm ready to visit! This looks VERY nice and I'm glad you're there. Praying for you, the other girls, and the whole team.

  2. Really nice. We won't have to worry about you starving either.
    Hope you brought the sun screen.


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