Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Follow up to Godly Sorrow

(From my journal, April 12, 2012)

Ironic follow-up to yesterday's entry about needing so much energy to walk in the Spirit with regard to overeating:

I was put on food donations today, which is the job that offers the most opportunity to indulge, given that you're picking up food from the supermarkets all day, and you see all these goodies that would be easy to have "just a little taste." I asked D to keep me accountable, so twice when I almost got a sweet treat, D said, "No cakes," which was enough to overcome my desire to indulge. God gave me the grace necessary to stay true to my commitment. I had almost succumbed--I would have succumbed--but D's quiet word tilted the balance back toward obedience, and I listened.

It was in the furniture shop in the afternoon run, where D wasn't nearby, that I saw a plastic packet of brownie bites. "Surely just ONE wouldn't hurt," I said to myself, and I picked up the package to open it. I had it in my grasp and was fumbling to separate the lid from the bottom part, when the Spirit's still voice spoke, "No." And I set the package down and walked away.

"Funny," I thought. "That didn't take any energy at all. In fact, it involved relaxing more than anything. It would have cost more energy to open the package and eat the brownie than to just drop it and let go. So even that, the flesh's protest that this would take so much energy, is a mere false pretense."


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