Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Flesh's Reaction to Godly Sorrow

(From my journal, April 11, 2012)

Heh. It must be a spiritual way, because just writing that, I feel like slumping. In fact, I just yawned. And my flesh is saying, "Awwww, that's just going to take so much ENERGY." The flesh flops itself limply on the floor and demonstrates the listlessness it is prepared to exert should I get it into my head to put 2 Cor 7:11 into practice. "Awww, why get all worked up over carefulness and zeal and vehement desire and all that? I can't be bothered."

Nope. I can see that the flesh isn't going to lift a finger toward this operation. All the better, since in my flesh dwelleth no good thing and they that are in the flesh cannot please God. Before, I would have tried to work the flesh up into an excited frenzy, hoping that then I would find the inner resources necessary to do this thing. Now, I know better than to go that route. The flesh won't do it, can't be trusted to do it, indeed, can't do it.

(Fascinating--even now, the flesh is offering all kinds of energy and zeal to work off the weight by going hiking when I get home. Funny how it's so excited to do something "later," but when "now" comes, the motivation is mysteriously missing.)

No, I know better than that now. I turn to the Spirit. I will walk by faith, trusting God to maintain the supply of energy needed to do His will,. I will look to Jesus, who lived out perfect obedience. And by God's grace, I will obey with every bit of repentance, godly sorrow, carefulness, clearing of myself, indignation, fear, vehement desire, zeal, and revenge possible.

It's the kind of obedience only possible to the Spirit. It is death to the flesh by the very act of obedience. (Explains why the flesh is so eager to find an excuse not to obey.) I will walk in obedience. I will walk in the Spirit. I will walk by faith.

Thank you, God.

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