Monday, January 30, 2017

Cholera Day 11: 10 babies and 11 days In Port Au Prince

Day 11: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In the morning, Kerlande and Clauciane were so indignant at the conditions at the Joanne's that they insisted I call Wesmin to tell him about it. They were convinced the babies were going to get sick again if they stayed there.

It was difficult. I barely had a way to wash my hands there, much less take all the necessary precautions for preventing the spread of cholera.

I called Wesmin and he said that he would send a tap-tap that day. We went and picked up Sephora as if we were going to transfer her to St. Damien’s, but we took her home instead, where she rode home on my lap on the tap-tap. Wesmin had said she had already been tested for HIV and Tuberculosis, and he said he preferred that she be treated locally.

The ministry had obtained a new creche for the babies in my absence, and this was the moving day for everyone. Our tap-tap pulled in to the driveway, and almost immediately afterwards, all the other vehicles came, bearing all the other children who were moving in.

One of the missionaries gave me a ride back to Club Indigo, and my ordeal was over. I moved back into my room, never so grateful in my life to relax after the stress and burden of the experience.

Of course, the stress and burden of the adventure in Haiti was far from over. Little did I know that the missionaries would quickly be told by Heather that the new creche location was a SECRET creche, and we were not under any circumstances to tell anyone where it was. But that's a story for another day.

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