Friday, February 3, 2017

Filling In Some of the Gaps in the Cholera Story

Since posting my cholera story, I have gotten a TON of feedback, input, and information from a variety of sources who contacted me. Here are a couple of interesting pieces to the story to fill in the gaps.

  • I didn't know what happened at the creche in my absence. I stated in the comment section under Cholera Day 2 that I didn't think these kids would have gotten sick if they had stayed at the creche. This was my best attempt at making sense of the situation, but it turns out that may not be an accurate interpretation. 
  • One of the missionaries just told me that the babies who were sent with me were the ones who were more healthy or had more "chub" who the creche considered to be the least likely to come down with cholera.
  • 7 babies from the creche got cholera and were moved to Club Indigo, where an American named Jessica (who happened to be visiting) took over their care, ensuring that they were given proper treatment, checking on them every hour, and pretty much working to the point of exhaustion to ensure that they all recovered. They did. 
  • Club Indigo never authorized these kids to be living at Club, so when they found out about it, it was a big deal that Ryan F had to smooth over with Club officials. Fortunately, he had a great relationship with them and was able to do so. 
  • The Club Indigo situation triggered the need to look for a new site to keep babies, and the organization located and rented a house in Pierre Payen, right off the main Hwy 1 on the south side of the road. All the babies got moved to that house on January 30, leaving the baby house empty at the creche in Montrouis. 
  • On Feb 1, one of the missionary couples, R and S, moved out of Club Indigo and into what was formerly the baby house at the creche, because it was much cheaper for them than living at Club Indigo. (I am purposely not going into detail about what happened to them in the whole Haiti mess, because it is their story to tell, but in my opinion what I watched them walk through was perhaps the most heartbreaking story of all the ones that I witnessed.) 

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