Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cholera Day 6: 10 babies and 11 days In Port Au Prince

Day 6: Friday, January 25, 2013

In the morning, the babies were happier than I had seen them in a long time. They had toys! They were released from the four walls of their cribs! They all looked bright and healthy, and I knew they would be getting the best possible care. Mallery said they could accept up to two more children, and I instantly resolved that the next two to be released would go to her rather than back to Doug and Joanne’s, because I was highly impressed, and quite favorably so, with their setup.

We had a delicious pancake breakfast, Gail gave me a bag loaded with snacks, which was a treat and a blessing, and then Mallery's driver took me back the hospital. On the way, we stopped at a grocery store, hoping to find an ATM there, but they didn’t have one. Still, I was able to use my debit card to make a purchase, so I bought a package of bread rolls, a tub of peanut butter, and a package of plastic spoons to spread it. This ended up being a welcome source of food at the hospital, where food had been scarce for me.

Later I wrote in an email to my close missionary friend in Montrouis,
"After the worst episode of overwhelming circumstances that left me frustrated and crying, I prayed, and God showed me that I was "seeing the winds and waves boisterous" and sinking in the waves instead of walking on the water. He brought me back to fix my eyes on Jesus and grab ahold of Him in faith, and since then I have been at peace. The next day in my Bible reading, I read the account of how he stilled the storm. I thought about my "storm" and realized that I didn't need to lament, "Master, carest thou not that we perish?" but instead, I realized that He could speak the word at any point and simply still the storm. 
That happened with the departure of the kids to Mallery's place. It was like suddenly the whole crisis was suddenly tamed, the emergency was over, and everything was right-side-up again. They have such a great setup, where the kids will be healthy, well fed, and cared for with amazing competency."

Once I got back to the hospital, I found that one more of the children was going to be released, so I contacted Mallery and she said she would send her driver to pick her up.

We determined that I would go with her to spend the night, so for the second night in a row, I stayed at Mallery’s. I mentioned earlier that I just so “happened” to have two changes of clothes with me in my bag. Now I found that I needed the second one, too. God had foreseen my every step, and had provided for me to have everything needful in order to walk in the path before me.

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  1. This is my daughter, and I would appreciate it if you would please take this post down immediately. I did not give any permission for her name or pictures or history to be made public by you, and your assumptions about her are misinformed and unfounded. Thank you in advance for understanding and for respecting our daughter, our family and our wishes. Please do not post about her again.

    1. Dear Shannon,
      I have done as you requested and removed your daughter's name and photo from this post, as well as the paragraphs that had to do with her. I didn't actually know who she belonged to or that she had made it out of Haiti. This makes my heart glad, because she was one of my favorites! :) I am also immensely happy to hear that my assumptions were unfounded. However, I hope you'll agree that given my interpretation of what happened at the time, I acted in your daughter's best interest. I do understand and respect your daughter, your family, and your wishes. She will not be mentioned again.

  2. Thank you so kindly. I truly appreciate your attention and discretion to this situation. I also appreciate your heart for these children, for sharing these stories and for bringing light to darkness. We pray for Haiti along with you, and we wish you the best!

    1. Thank you so much, Shannon, for your gracious reply and for your prayers. May the Lord bless you abundantly today!


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