Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cholera Day 9: 10 babies and 11 days In Port Au Prince

Day 9: Monday, January 28, 2013

Pranel got released and went back to the Joanne's. I felt like I couldn’t send Kerlande and Clauciane home yet, because as long as we had babies in two locations, we needed someone to stay to watch them in both places. They were also really helpful because they washed clothes by hand every day, keeping the babies’s clothes and sheets clean. This was something I was still not as skillful or as knowledgeable of how to do, what supplies to use, or where to get them, but they seemed to know instinctively. They also knew how to keep the babies quiet and happy all day long, while they cried a lot more with me.

From an email that I wrote to a friend:

"One thing that has been really cool about being in the hospital is that my Creole has grown tremendously! I feel like it grew more in this one week than it did in the three months I was in Haiti before. I still have great difficulty understanding everything people say, but more and more, I can communicate. It's still rough and simplified and baby talk, but it's coming.
You remember how I shared with you that I don't exactly love babies? So this whole experience has been one of dependence on the Lord and constantly drawing from His supply of love, and meditating on truths like "Love your neighbor (even a baby) as yourself." So the other day, it blessed me so tremendously that the nurses at the hospital all remarked that I treated these babies with a lot of love. Ah! They could see it! Even though I couldn't feel any love of my own, Jesus had succeeded in loving these babies through me in a tangible enough way that others around me were convinced that I was just there adoring these babies with all my heart. No... but Jesus was! It brought a fresh supply of tears to my eyes to realize that I had been the vessel of His love in this way, and He blessed me with the manifestation of His glory at succeeding in using this weak, clueless, not-really-useful-when-it-comes-to-babies person."

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  1. I am amazed by your love and moxie. Glad to have been pointed here (to your blog). I have been in Haitian hospitals with insufficient Kreyol in my time here and it is so so hard. I'm seeing the real you (instead of the one I met that had been so abused) and I am truly amazed by the strength of character I see here.

    1. Tara, thank you so much. It has been such an interesting journey to revisit this whole experience and watch the "real Rebekah" get sucked out of sight so quickly in the bewildering series of circumstances. It's also amazing how persistent my belief in Heather was, even in the midst of so many red flags. Trust is a crazy thing. It's almost uncanny how much we WANT to believe people, even in the face of mountains of contradictory evidence. Once that switch finally flipped and I didn't believe Heather any more, it was like the whole mountain of evidence came crashing down on me and I realized that I had been seeing it all along and just dismissing and dismissing and dismissing the red flags.


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