Thursday, October 4, 2012

"They would say..."

Today we rode a moto to school for the second time. We packed 4 people on it for the second time! I remember watching to see if I could ever see 4 people on a moto in the Dominican Republic, and we finally saw one after two weeks--and here, my very first ride on a moto was a 4-seater!

After school, Leann and I took the children to the local beach, which is right around the corner from the creche. We took two kids at a time and took several trips, allowing each group to swim for about 15 minutes before returning to get another group.

It was loads of fun and we had idyllic conditions. The sky was blue, the air was hot, and the sparkling blue Caribbean waters were crystal clear.

But the company was not so idyllic, and some rude Haitian guys were making loud comments to us in Creole which we didn't understand. One of the older boys from the creche was with us, and he took care of answering the guys for us. Later I asked him what they had said.

"Those guys were asking me to tell you girls that they love you," he said.

"Oh?" I replied. "And what did you say?"

"I answered back, 'I'm sure if I told them, they would say that they love you, too,'" he said.


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