Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Inspired by my sister's recent facebook photo, here is a rather unassuming picture. Who can spot the special hidden surprise?


  1. Psh. Of course you had to way outdo me ;) Tell me dear, how are we ever supposed to see that tiny lizard in this photo??

    1. Hahah... I KNEW someone would call me out on that one. Yeah, on this particular photo, I admit, there's practically no way (ok, no possible way) to see that tiny lizard. On my original file (15 megapixels) you can make it out if you zoom the photo in, but by the time I compressed the photo down to 800x600 pixels, it is indistinguishable. So yeah--it was pretty much (ok, altogether) an impossible "I Spy" challenge. As it turns out, it looks like I could have given the "answer" photo as the original "I spy" challenge and then zoomed in on that the next day. But I wasn't trying to way outdo you!


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