Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The secret agent

I felt like such a spy!

• • •

Natural realm: I walk nonchalantly across the sand to a beach chair. I drape my towel carelessly across the adjacent chair. I sit down, lean back, and close my eyes, like any girl sun-tanning on the beach would do. 

Spiritual realm: I enter into the battleground. I take my position. Heavy warfare begins as I wield my sword and start to drive back enemy forces. There are more with me than with them. Wounded and howling victims dart away as I direct my energies against them.

• • •

Natural realm: I'm a girl, I'm out of shape, I've got a torn MCL in my knee, causing me to walk awkwardly, and I'm just lying there limply. 

Spiritual realm: A blinding beam of light pierced the darkness of enemy territory when I walked in. The hordes of skulking troops don't see me; they see the Conqueror, the Victorious One, the Risen Christ who lives in me and shines out of my life. They cower. "Is he here to torment us before the time?" they mutter to each other. He has already defeated them. At his word of authority, they depart.

• • •

Natural realm: I walk slowly down the sidewalk away from the beach toward my apartment. I'm just traveling from point A to point B. 

Spiritual realm: In my thoughts, I have swiftly traveled far and wide to those who are sick, praying and standing for their defense and healing. He bends the heavens and comes down, and darkness is under his feet.

• • •

Natural realm: I'm up in my room, serving chai tea and chocolate to some friends who have dropped by, and we sit around talking for the next hour.

Spiritual realm: We're not talking to each other--we're talking to God about everything that's going on. We have an insider's pass to the heavenly palace, and we appear before the throne, bringing our petitions before the Creator. He opens his treasure chest and gives us grace, strength, wisdom, joy, righteousness, faith. He dispenses as much as we need of everything we need. We praise Him and thank Him for His generous gifts, and leave recharged, with new strength to be poured out.

• • •

Just a few thoughts on prayer, with imagery from Psalm 18.

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