Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Overseas Trips

God allowed me to take a number of overseas trips.

In 2004, I spent 3 weeks in China, teaching English camps and touring. (Read about it!)
The Pearl Tower in Shanghai

In 2005, I spent 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic, visiting a pastor and his family. (Journal coming soon!)

Eating mangos in the Dominican Republic--my new favorite fruit!

In 2006, I spent 5 weeks in Morocco and Spain, visiting my college roommate and touring.
The leather tanning factory in Fez

From 2006-2007, I spent 8 months in Spain, learning Spanish at the University of Málaga.
Plaza de Toros (bullfighting ring) in Málaga, with the Mediterranean in the background

In 2007, I went back to Spain for 3 more months, serving the local church in music ministry.
Playing for the performance of our Christmas cantata, El Don de Amor (The Gift of Love)

In 2009, I went to Mexico for 2 weeks for business and visiting friends.

In 2011-2012, I spent 6 months serving with Betel in Spain and England. (Use sidebar to navigate to the month of November 2011 for the beginning of these posts.)

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  1. Gracias por colgar estas fotos,son muy chulas,pero me da hasco de saber que mango es una de tus frutas favoritas...jeje...no la puedo comer....feeeeeeee


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