Monday, December 26, 2011

Spanish Food

My family and other people often ask me, "So what is Spanish food like?" And I have often stammered out an unsatisfactory reply. So--I made it a point to take a photo of almost all our meals for a week or so. Here is typical Spanish cuisine. These dishes don't have names and are not made with recipes, but they are what we typically eat in any given week.

All of the food we eat is delicious, but the soup on the right above was the only thing I have not liked. It was boiled for about 4 hours and the greens were really bitter. Other than that, everything has been amazing.

Roasted chicken, potatoes, my favorite ciabatta rolls, and fried green peppers. Seriously, people, we are missing out for not having invented fried green peppers. Next year in our garden, when we have a ton of green peppers coming on, I know what I'm making. Whoa! 

NOT a normal Spanish meal, but definitely a normal Spanish party! Canapes, Lamb ribs, asparagus, cheese, jamón serrano, chorizo, and shrimp. YUM!

Fried fish and potatoes with greens. We eat this at least once a week.

Fried fish, this time with the yummiest tomatoes (sprinkled with onion, garlic, and balsamic vinegar). Ah! Such a pleasant way to consume your cold remedy. 

Fish soup with hard boiled egg

Some kind of meat, roasted potatoes with tomatoes and green peppers, and chicken noodle soup.

Wow, this was yummy. Skewered chicken, yellow rice with roasted red peppers, and fresh tomatoes.

A light dinner...chicken broth with noodles and green olive salad.

Lentils, rice, and sausage.

So now you know what Spanish food is like! I only wish you could taste it!

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