Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Today I was assigned to be at home. I also had breakfast duty for the first time. Most of the girls do it in about 30 minutes (from 6:30 to 7), but I got up at 6:15, and it took me until about 7:15. Ah! Hopefully I’ll get faster at this! All I had to do was make coffee and heat up 2 liters of milk. How could it take that long?

Lucy and I led worship for our devotions this morning. I played the keyboard and she played the guitar. She is quite talented because she taught herself and plays the guitar just wonderfully.

After our devotions, A assigned me to clean the bathrooms. I put on a junk t-shirt and shorts so that if I got a bit wet it wouldn’t matter, and started cleaning. One of the girls came in and saw me. “Whoa! Aren’t you cold?” she asked. “No,” I said. It’s funny. Everyone, everyone thinks I’m quite a rarity for my strange ways. For example, I go around the house with a coat and a hat on—but flip flops on my feet. I try to explain that my feet don’t ever get cold, that really, truly, my feet aren’t cold, that my feet are absolutely fine and that if they did get cold I would be sure to put something on them, that when I was a little girl my mom always had to cut off the feet on my pajamas because my feet sweated so much, that I’m used to going barefoot, that my feet sweat even in flip flops… all to no avail. They just can’t comprehend it. I even give the caveat that I have had cold feet before when I went barefoot in the snow to the mailbox and back a few times at home… but other than that, I really didn’t know what it was like to have cold feet. They just shake their head at me and wonder what galaxy I’m from.

I was done cleaning the bathroom before 11:00 and helped with some of the other duties around the house. Then I went to eat a little “pinch” of food for a snack. It’s the yummiest bread and cheese they have here. Ah! Love the stuff…

After my snack I washed some dishes and then went to the salon because I didn’t have any more work to do. I read the book Rescue Shop Within A Yard Of Hell until lunch time. Lunch was mashed potatoes, fried eggplant, little fried round things with meat and cheese in them, and a sauce to go over everything.

After lunch I had a nap until about 4:30. Then I went to the kitchen, made a cup of tea, looked for any work to do and didn’t find any, and went back to my room. I finished the book and then caught up on my journal. 

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