Monday, December 26, 2011

Daily jobs

Our jobs in Betel tend to be varied and interesting. We never know what we will be assigned to do until the night before, when the leaders write up the list and post it on a bulletin board outside the office. Here is a collection.

Taller de Manualidades (Arts and Crafts workshop)
Everyone knows I am a crafty person, so of course I love this job! But you would not believe how much I am learning and the new techniques and ideas I am picking up from working here. R is the mastermind behind the projects we do here, and her imagination is seemingly limitless for crafts that we can do with a minimum of cost, materials, and time, that turn out well enough to sell.

Cocina (Kitchen)
I also love to cook, so the kitchen is also a treat for me. Here is a pot of garbanzos. MMMMmmm...

Rastro (Secondhand shop)
 Here we spend our time folding clothes and organizing things, taking money from customers, and keeping warm from the cold!

Colegio (cleaning the elementary school)

Publicidad (Passing out leaflets advertising Betel)

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