Monday, November 5, 2012

The Cost of Food

Haitian money. 1000 gourdes equals about $25.
Just a few examples of the cost of food here in Haiti.

Gallon of milk: $10.50
Pound of butter: $7.00
Dozen eggs: $2.75
28-oz. jar of peanut butter: $7.85
370-g. jar of raspberry jam: $5.38
48-oz. can of Crisco: $9.38
18-oz. container of prunes (with pits): $5.25
Can of pink salmon: $6.00

I know that things are inevitably more expensive on an island where everything must be imported. Just ask anyone who has been to Hawaii. But unlike Hawaii, where there is actually an economy, industry, jobs, and cash flow, Haiti has none of that. 

My question is, how does the Haitian afford to eat anything

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  1. Please keep up your strength, God will supply.


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