Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dogs in Haiti

This post is especially for my sister, who, I'm sure, would like to know what the dogs look like here. 


  1. Hahahaha!! Oh Becks you're too much. Can I just say that I love this post?

    1. The dogs are beautiful!

    2. Glad you liked it, Katherine! I haven't been able to get as many photos of dogs as I would have liked, but by now I've collected a few.

      Kyla, unfortunately, the dogs here aren't generally beautiful. Most of them are mangy and thin and don't seem to have owners or people who care about them. A lot of them limp. Most of them have their ribs showing. They hang around the markets hoping to get something to eat, and they're often kicked around and sometimes hit by cars. So it's not a great life for them, sadly enough.

    3. All dogs are bautiful to me.;)

  2. Y a mi me encantan los perros estos =)


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