Saturday, August 25, 2012

Working for God

I had posted this quote on xanga a while back, and I'm bringing it over here because it's so good!
There are several different ways of working for God, as Mr. Taylor reminded the little company. "One is to make the best plans we can, and carry them out to the best of our ability. This may be better than working without plan, but it is by no means the best way of serving our Master. 
"Or, having carefully laid our plans and determined to carry them through, we may ask God to help us, and to prosper us in connection with them. 
"Yet another way of working is to begin with God; to ask His plans, and to offer ourselves to Him to carry out His purposes." 
This then was the attitude taken up. Day by day the needs of the whole work were laid before the Lord, guidance being sought as to His will in connection with them.

"Going about it in this way," Mr. Taylor continued, "we leave the responsibility with the great Designer, and find His service one of sweet restfulness. We have no responsibility save to follow as we are led; and we serve One Who is able both to design and to execute, and Whose work never fails."

--Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission: The Growth of a Work of God by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor

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