Friday, August 10, 2012

Mama Judy

Mama Judy lives in Uganda.

Grace, one of the Ellerslie staff, met her on a mission trip to an orphanage in Uganda where Mama Judy works. She told her story in a devotional message this week.

"Mama Judy was the most full-of-Jesus person I had ever seen," Grace told us. "She always gave 100% of her love and affection to the kids at the orphanage. She found that I was leaving with only two days notice, and she stayed up all night weaving a basket for me, just because she hadn't made me anything yet.

"This is a woman who walks two hours each way to work. She leaves her children at home to work all day, because it's the only way she can make ends meet. She has five children of her own, but after her sister died, she took in all of her children and cares for them as well. When Mama Judy was pregnant with her 5th child, her own husband died. Now, she is the only provider for her household. She works at night to do the housework, cooking, cleaning, and laundry for her family, and she works at the orphanage during the day."

How can she keep up this schedule? How can she stay cheerful? How can she keep giving of herself every moment of every day?

Grace asked her these questions, and she answered, "I can keep going because God is good. I read His word and I believe it is true. I walk with Jesus. He is my strength."

How many of us have half the difficulty and pressure of Mama Judy, yet we have not yet found the blessing and power of God?

God is not small.

He is big enough to sustain you.

Trust Him.

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  1. Wow. That sure puts things in perspective, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing!


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