Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I would bring to Ellerslie

After being here for a semester, there were a few things that I wished I would have brought, so I'm posting them in case anyone who reads my blog plans on going to Ellerslie. (Do go! Do! You won't be sorry!)

1. A coat or jacket. Even though it was the summer semester, and we had lots of HOT weather, the mornings were quite chilly. We did corporate prayer at 5:30 am out on the patio behind the lake house, and while most days were bearable, towards the end of the semester the weather started getting quite cool.

2. A couple of long-sleeved shirts. I brought only one, and our sessions in the air-conditioned chapel were sometimes too cold to admit short sleeves.

3. Art supplies. Not a ton, but at least some cardstock, scissors, a calligraphy pen and some colored pencils or markers. I ended up buying a pack of cardstock, some acrylic paint and brushes, and a set of 24 Crayola colored pencils. There were SO many occasions where I used it, and I was also able to let other girls use the supplies, so they got almost used completely up.

4. A guitar. Even though I barely play the guitar, it would have been nice to have it and there were numerous occasions to have played it. If you have a violin, mandolin, banjo, flute, cello, or other instrument, bring it! You won't be sorry!

5. A bike. This one I might even put #1 on the list. It would have been sooooo cool to have a bike! The bike trails right near the campus are extensive and amazing! Also, Windsor is small enough and close enough that a bike could completely replace a car for any little shopping errands that one needed to do, or just exploring the town.

6. A water bottle. I bought one the first week, because I needed it! Colorado is super dry!

~ ~ ~

Things I brought that I wouldn't have wanted to do without:

•  A watch. You can't carry your phone on you, so if you don't have a watch, you won't know the time.
•  Tennis shoes. Even if you don't plan to take walks or jogs, there are occasions where you will want them.
•  A bag or backpack for carrying books back and forth to chapel.
•  Hand lotion. Colorado is dry! If you're prone to getting cracked heels, foot lotion, too.
•  A junk outfit that can get ruined (by getting paint on it, for instance)
•  Flowers for my hair. The girls dress really cute, and hairstyles are often adorned with flowers.
•  Sunscreen. Oh boy, you sure can get toasted quick under Colorado's blazing sunshine!
•  Stationery. Just a box of blank cards that you can write for any occasion (thank you, birthday, random notes of encouragement)
•  A blanket. You might want to have something you can spread on the grass for picnics and such.
•  Money. There are incidental occasions that cost a bit of money--for instance, no dinner is provided Saturday night or Sunday night, so the students are on their own. Also, if you don't have a car, you are asked to chip in gas money to anyone who drives you on outings or shopping trips. Other small opportunities and student activities cost a dollar or two each, plus your laundry costs $2.75 per load ($1.50 for the washer and $1.25 for the dryer, in quarters).  

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