Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Mountain Goat

The last three Saturdays, I have helped on a crew working to paint Sue's house.

This is Sue.

This is Sue's house. 

And this would be the mountain goat. 

Sue lives here in the neighborhood, and some of the girls babysit for her kids. We do outreach projects like this to serve the community of Saturdays, and I have had a great time. Lucky me--I got to be up on the roof for most of the time. And the way I was clambering around up there earned me the name of mountain goat. It was a little hot being up on the roof in 100 degree weather...but I didn't get too burnt. 

Here is some of the rest of our crew in action.

And at the end, the leader of our group (who, incidentally, is also named Rebekah), got up on the roof with me to paint the trim on the peak of the back of the house. 

She did one side and I did the other. The part nearest the peak was okay, but to get the part at the bottom, I had to lay on the roof with my feet uphill, reaching over the edge of the roof with the brush in my left hand. It was slightly crazy...especially when I was painting the part around the satellite dish and bees started flying out of a little hole in the frame mount for the satellite dish and buzzing all around me. If I had been stung, I don't know if I would have been able to keep from falling off the roof and/or dropping my paint and brush. Thank you, God, for keeping the bees off!

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