Monday, December 17, 2012

Stuff you can't buy in Haiti

Some of this may be available in Port-au-Prince and I just don't know it, but we never get a chance to go that far away to do our shopping. If you're a traveler or missionary who is going to be out in the rest of Haiti, shopping in smaller cities (we shop in Saint-Marc), you might want to bring these along with you so you'll have them when you need them.

Barleygreen or similar powdered nutritional drink
When you're eating nothing but carbs and starch, you need something to keep you healthy.

Bug spray
When you're repelling malaria mosquitoes, you want the best protection you can get.

Calligraphy pens
Cardamom pods
Can opener
Canning jars

Wide-mouth quart jars are great for storing things away from bugs and for making your own homemade versions of foods you can't buy (like pickle relish)

Chili powder
The rest of the ingredients for chili are available locally

Duct tape
Green tea
If green tea is your thing, you might have to ration what you brought with you to last your entire time.
Instant oatmeal (but regular oatmeal is available)
Knife (good, all-purpose, kitchen use)
Also consider a knife sharpener. 

Latex gloves
Laundry basket/bag
Mosquito nets
After getting Malaria, I can't overemphasize this enough! 

Pencil sharpener
Pepper spray
Scissors (heavy-duty, all-purpose)
Sharpie markers
Straight pins (like for sewing)
Travel coffee mug (with a lid, unbreakable)
Vegetable peeler
Wooden spoons
Yeast (for bread baking)

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