Saturday, October 8, 2011

God of the Impossible

Has it ever seemed to you that God intentionally brings a situation to the brink of impossibility, and then pushes it over the brink? Have you ever noticed that God sets up impossible-seeming situations to prove Himself the God of the impossible? Consider how God gets more glory when he pulls off an impossible solution than when He does something that everyone thinks they could have done themselves.

For example, look at Gideon. Midianites were already Israel's conquerors, so it already seemed impossible to get out from under their oppression. Then God calls Gideon. "Gideon, blow the trumpet and gather an army."

32,000 men gather, and God pushes the situation further into impossibility. "Send home anyone who is afraid." 22,000 soldiers leave, and the 10,000 who remain are expected to go up against the Midianite army of 135,000.

Then God pushes the situation over the brink. "Make everyone drink water, and only those who lap it up a certain way can stay. Send the rest home." 300 men get the lapping thing right, and everyone else goes away.

Impossible, right? Beyond impossible! Yet God pulls it off! He gives the victory to these 300.

Gideon is not the only example. Look at the children of Israel before the Red Sea. Look at Israel just before the conquest of the Promised Land. Look at the promise to Abraham that he would have a son, and then the command to take Isaac and sacrifice him on the altar. Look at the crucifixion and death of Christ. Think of what would be going through the disciples' minds: "Our promised Messiah and deliverer! Oh no! Now it's impossible for Him to save us!"

God gets more glory for doing an impossible thing than for doing a difficult thing.

I have noticed that in my life, He intentionally pushes me past the point where I think things are possible, and then He comes through gloriously on my behalf. I am facing one or two impossible-seeming situations right now, and one of them was just compounded by the fact that I broke my toe yesterday, making the completion of one of the tasks look that much more unlikely. But my impossible-working God has proved Himself ABLE too many times for me to be daunted or discouraged by facing the impossible. On the contrary, it's just that much more exciting to see what He is going to do and how He is going to achieve the victory. I trust him to emerge victorious. I don't need to question that. I don't need to wonder if apparent impossibility is going to thwart my God. He is the God of the impossible!

So bring on the obstacles! Throw as many roadblocks as you like! Blanket me with chains and nets! Throw urgent stuff at me until I don't have time to do it all! Let me be as weak and in pain as I can be! But it will never stop God from accomplishing His purposes, and I will rejoice to see Him break through all the bulwarks that are cast up against Him.

His grace is sufficient for me. His strength is made perfect in weakness. He has triumphed gloriously. I need not worry or get frustrated or fear. I never even need to wonder, "Is this going to work out?" What God has called me to do, He will empower me to obey, no matter what impossibilities I face. Thank you, Lord!

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