Sunday, January 18, 2004

China Trip: Snow

Working on Sundays was one of the hardest things to get used to being in China. It seemed very much like any other day. It was actually hard to realize that it was even Sunday at all, because I lost track of the days somewhere along the line.

In the evening after our classes were over, we divided ourselves into four groups and met in some of our hotel rooms for a little time of reading Scripture, praying, and sharing testimonies. That made it seem a little more like Sunday, but it definitely wasn’t like church.

One of the notable things about this day was that it snowed! It started to fall while we were at the elementary school, and the kids were so excited! It snows only about once a year there in Pinghu, and it might not even accumulate. This one stuck to the ground and accumulated about half an inch, so it was a big deal. All the kids were thrilled, making snowballs and running around and catching it on their tongues. If I had that day to do over again, I would definitely not have had the kids come back in to sit in the classroom. I would have taken them all outside, letting them play in the snow, teaching them words like “snow,” “snowman,” “ice,” “cold,” and so on. 

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