Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A bit of decorating

My roommate Bethany worked with me today to get settled in and make things look pretty. Under her touch, rooms have transformed from, "Oh, look at this room. It looks like where someone dumps all their junk," to "Oh, look at this nice, inviting room. I want to be in this room." I'm hoping some of her decorating skills will rub off on me! 

We set up a little office/workstation where I can sit and write. Need flowers in the vases, and it will be complete.

A cabinet I got at a yard sale for $5 dresses up a corner nicely. 
(Ha! I think of some of the blogs I have seen where a woman will tour you through her house and describe all the little details...yeah, we know we're not at THAT level yet. Our house is still pretty empty, so we're making do with what we have.)

Project: Primer on a table to turn it from black to white. I think I'm going to need a lot of coats. It doesn't help that the leg came off of this $5 yard sale table while we were loading in into the car. We'll have to figure out how to put that back on, too. 

This room just off my room used to be the dining room. Now it contains the overflow of all my stuff that won't fit in my bedroom...and a lot of bare wall and carpet space. When I get my table painted, I'm thinking it can go in this room and be a craft table.

Pictures up on my dresser...starting to look homey!

A $5 easel--another yard sale find

Pushpins in the wall??? A liberating concept. Thank you, Bethany, for this lovely display that is SO much more accessible to get my jewelry!

Upstairs living room, just a tad bit sparse. Looking for a couch...

Empty bedrooms (we may be getting some more roommates, or we may not if we move out when the rental agreement expires in September. Not sure what's happening with that yet. In the meantime, it's a lovely large, spacious house.)

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