Saturday, May 11, 2013

A New Writing Venture

Just for the record, I have started a new blog.

It was inspired by a post called The Single Journey that I just happened to run across in one of those internet bunny trails that seem to happen so easily. I commented on the article that "Someone who IS single needs to write a good singleness book," and then the Lord said, "Why not you?" So I embarked, not on a book, but on a blog.

The audience for my new blog will obviously be much smaller and more specific than for this blog, but if you are single or just have an interest in what I might say about it, you can visit my site at It's a brand new baby of a site--only 3 posts!--and only 2 pageviews! but I have a lot of ideas for content that I want to add, and I intend to write as regularly as possible.


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  1. Thank you for the healing verses and encouragement that you left on my blog awhile back. It blessed me so much! This blog of yours is beautiful and so is your new Single Satisfaction Blog. :) God bless you! Thank you for loving HIM so passionately!


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