Sunday, March 11, 2012

England Update!

I haven't intentionally neglected my blog. It's just that I have had way less time to be online, and the blog unfortunately has had to suffer.

So here are some pictures!

My bedroom (only 2 of the 6 beds are showing; mine is the pink flower one on top in the photo). Notice that there is a sink in the room...this is a huge help for cutting down on clogged bathrooms. Every room has at least a sink and sometimes a toilet, too! 

Me in my high-visibility vest that I have to wear whenever I go on the food donations run. We collect groceries donated from local supermarkets, and we have to wear the vests because we go in through the back loading dock area, where by law the vests are required. Windmill House is the main Betel-UK headquarters.

Me in the furniture shop that the girls run. We have a lovely lot of furniture and a coffee shop that just opened in the front of the store. The girls make home-baked cupcakes and brownies that are AMAZING!

Flying!! Not literally, but that's what they call distributing flyers. We pass them out from house to house in people's mail slots, which are usually a slot through the door. In the photo with me is Jan, our house leader.

No mailboxes here! This is a nice system...the mail falls right inside your house! :-) 

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